09 January 2008

Two days with accounting :-)

I haven't wrote about it yet, but something happened end of last year (few months ago) which is changing everything in my life...
I got an job offer to do a project in an accounting company. I refused, but made a counteroffer: give me ownership in this company and count me in.
So they (this small company had 3 owners) discussed it and then it happened: they welcomed me into their team :-)

My role in this company is now to develop everything: their working process, change the software etc. I started to prepare these things end of last year (in December) and now back to the title of this posting: it has been two great, I would even say fantastic days working with this team (with me now there is 6 people). I honestly have to convince that I never have worked in such a organization with so good working climate. It's just fantastic. I'm already waiting to get back to office... (what I can do Friday, as I have to do an exam in my university Thursday in another city) .

Why would somebody be so greasy that they would give away ownership in their company?
With this concrete example I can explain that.... in 2006/2007 I made my Final Paper for my bachelor studies at Estonian Business School. I made it about financial accounting and it's future opportunities using more IT possibilities. The instructor from university side was Enel-Eha Ristkok. At the same time she owned this particular accounting company. So basically this making of this Final Paper (research and discussions) built trust between us. So now she asked me to come and bring it into reality what I wrote... And also she is in my Cashflow Club :-p

Basically we have now an accounting company where people understand the logic behind Cashflow game.....

And as Robert Kiyosaki wrote somewhere 6 habits of getting rich and staying rich, I remember the first one: Hire an accountant. Now I have team of accountants :-) (some with experience more than 20 years).