28 August 2007

Tightening Up: An Update

Well, I presented a "job description" (I hate that term) to the leadership team last week. Here are some snippets:

- Establish design guidelines for all web environments
- Maintain consistency across all web sites
- Continue to drive a paperless, virtual, global office environment

- Create and execute campaigns that establish and foster long-term relationships with our customers/visitors/members
- Optimize buying process on all web sites ensuring maximum conversion from visitor to customer

- Create edgy, inspiring and captivating online media that will drive return traffic and memberships
- Create new series content for INSIDERS that will keep members engaged

- Create and drive the use of blogs, web content syndication outlets, and video channels

This gets me out of the day-to-day IT support tasks that we can either bring in someone to handle or create systems for. In doing that, it allows me to be much more creative and to actually drive and measure value. I have not heard anything back yet. We'll see what they say...