09 February 2007

Sell or Suck

One of the priceless benefits of working at The Rich Dad Company is the fact that I get to learn from the best, every day. Robert, Kim and Sharon are three of the most brilliant business, marketing, and sales minds I have ever been around. I feel extremely fortunate to be a student of the founders of one of the most successful brands on the planet.

Having been a part of the team for the past four years, I also know it is important to teach others what you want to learn. It forces you to go beyond your fears and to gather feedback from the real experts - you.

So, I am in the process of learning about sales and marketing and how to be a successful entrepreneur. My first subject is:

If you are going to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be good at sales and marketing. Robert says it best. Sales = Income. Either you sell or you suck.

Lesson #1

Communicate A Minimum Of 6 Times (this is communication #1 - stay tuned for 5 more)

This is the first communication regarding two courses we will be offering this year. The investment course will be on creative financing in real estate. In November, we studied Real Estate Advantages by Sharon Lechter and Garrett Sutton. Rather than study another book, we will continue to study this book. For those of you that attended the November book study, you will remember Wayne Palmer. He will join Robert at this event and will discuss, in much more detail, his creative financing strategies in the real estate deals he does every day.

If you attend the two-day book study, you will have preference for a seat at the second event. Immediately following the book study, we will offer a three-day Business School for Entrepreneurs event. The subject for this intense, three-day class will be "How To Build A Brand". Brands are important because it makes sales and marketing easier. As you know the Rich Dad brand is recognized worldwide. Robert and his team will be sharing their secrets on how to turn your business into brand.

Dates, times and costs for both events will follow.

I am personally very excited about these two courses. Having attended both book studies and the nine-day Instructor Certification Course in 2006, I cannot wait to continue my education.

Stay tuned for Lesson #2 - Scarcity Creates Demand.