05 January 2007

Annual Partner Meeting at Rich Dad

Rich Dad Partner Meeting

For the past 24 hours, the TV studio at the Rich Dad headquarters has been the site of the annual Rich Dad partner meeting. The theme: entropy, syntropy (negentropy) and tensegrity. How does the Rich Dad company, which consists of Rich Dad's Education, Rich Dad's Franchise, Rich Dad's Coaching, The Trump Organization, The Whitney Education Group, Rich Dad's Global Television, and dozens of others inside the Rich Dad Company, move as one into an entirely new set of ideas. Into the information age.

If the organization submits to entropic pressures, e.g. we all move in separate directions, then the entire system blows apart. If we submit to syntropic pressure, or laser-like focus, we will miss opportunities. Like a basketball, on the court in a game, it is the perfect balance of entropy and syntropy. Tensegrity, or the tension between the two, is in balance.

The reality is that there were a lot of blank looks in the room when we began. But after 24 hours of teaching, learning and exercises, the team is beginning to understand.