19 July 2006

Radio Free Rich Dad

First show is this Friday on wsradio.com!

CLICK HERE to listen

About the show:
Learn from the Rich Dad team, how to build wealth. We are Brand New! Watch as we grow our Show!

Show Info:
Author, businessman and investor Robert Kiyosaki wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad and created the board game Cashflow for one simple reason: to elevate the financial well being of humanity. Rich Dad Radio is a behind the scenes look into the heart of The Rich Dad Company. The show is hosted by John Seiferth and Melanie Wilke, both apprentices of Robert and students of the Rich Dad philosophy. Tune in as they bring you interviews and commentary from inside one of the most dynamic and powerful brands anywhere in the world. Rich Dad Radio - for those who want to get out of the rat race.

John Seiferth:
In today's world, those who want to get ahead continually educate themselves. John Seiferth has been a part of the Rich Dad family for nearly four years. During that time he has devoted his time to studying the mindset of the rich. Vocabulary, mindset, the power of making mistakes and the Law of Attraction. Being a part of the Rich Dad company has forced him to push beyond his boundaries, through his fear and toward his goals.

Melanie Wilke:
A two-year employee of Rich Dad, Melanie Wilke has acted as a sponge, absorbing the Rich Dad philosophy and mingling it with her anti-establishment sense of humor and curiosity. As the youngest member of the Rich Dad team, she’s living proof that anyone - young, old, or somewhere in between - can apply the messages of financial freedom, control, and joy that Rich Dad teaches. Her goal is to help others by sharing the ups and downs of her own journey to freedom.

The show covers all aspects of developing and growing your wealth. Join us live every Friday from 10am-11am PST for new ideas and resources that will help you build your greater entrepreneurial success.