09 June 2006

The Secret Film Study

We held a study group last night here at the Rich Dad offices centered around the film 'The Secret'. Most of the Rich Dad team was there as well as some spouses and friends. It was great to see new faces at a study group as well as those that have been with us before.

We conducted the session the same way we conduct book studies. We watched a segment of the film, then talked about it in pairs, then discussed the segment as a group. This format maximizes the sharing of viewpoints as well as the retention of the material. It is very effective.

I was blown away at the way the group embraced the film and the discussion. We had so many different points of view that you simply would not get by watching the film by yourself. The energy in the room was way beyond what I had envisioned it would be. Like I said, I was blown away.

I have to give big time acknowledgements to Stuart, Lauren, Brian, Kim and Dustin. They added more to this study group that I could ever have imagined. It was apparent that they all got the message and it was an absolute honor to have them in the room.

Thank you -