28 June 2006

The Apprentice Challenge

Make the highest net income on the sale of Rich Dad products in 30 days.

- Hands off the existing Rich Dad customer/member database
- Hands off existing CASHFLOW clubs
- Wholesale pricing applies for purchases from the warehouse
- All inventory must be purchased with cash or credit card
- No returns

The Rich Dad Cashflow Franchise system is about to be launched. In order to put some 'skin in the game' Robert challenged three of us in the company to test the waters as a franchisee. Basically we are to act as if we just purchased a Cashflow Franchise and are beginning to build our business. We will purchase product directly from the warehouse at the prices our franchisees will paying. We must purchase the product with cash or credit card and must account for all transactions with our Controller and our Customer Service Director.

The entire challenge was filmed today in the Rich Dad studio for INSIDERS on RDTV. You will see the video within a week. Robert and Kim leave for Africa this weekend which kicks off the challenge. The time is up when Robert returns and checks in at the office, which of course will be filmed for INSIDERS as well.

I said in the studio that I am scared out of my wits...and I am. But that is part of the process. I am in this thing to win, but more importantly, I am in this thing to learn.

Suggestions, comments, criticism are all welcomed...