09 March 2006

New New New richdad.com

We are in the very beginning stages of creating the next generation of richdad.com. The latest release (new look and feel) was simply a facelift on top of the current architecture. The underlying systems, the foundation of the site remains the same. In creating the next generation, we are starting from scratch, with no allegiance to ANY of the current systems in place. We are questioning everything, from hardware to hosting to ecommerce to fulfillment to accounting. Everything is in play at this stage.

The fact is that the current system was created by a web design team almost 4 years ago. That team had very little knowledge of ecommerce systems or systems architecture. And ever since then, we have been held hostage to their design. We've had to work within the boundaries they created. What a relief it will be to break free of this environment and create something that is truly usable, flexible and scalable.